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AimCam Compilation

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AimCam Features

Our TRACS Live Fire Training Robot Being Used At A Multi-Agency Active Shooter

Rent The TRACS Live Fire Training Robot "Because Enemy Combatants
Don't Stand Still!"


Rent The TRACS Live Fire Training Robot For Your Next Firearms PepperBall Or Active Shooter Training

PDT Technologies Range & Targetry As Seen In The Steven Seagal Series "Lawman"

ALS Bore Thunder Cell Entry
***(Please Watch Your Speaker Volume Level!)***

ALS Technologies Product Demo

PepperBall TMP Pistol Range Demo

PepperBall Takedown

The PepperBall FlashLauncher

Hit By The PepperBall SA-4

Less Lethal, LLC Staff Conducting Fire Department Testing Of The PepperBall Technologies SX Launcher With Inert Rounds As A Fast Ventilation Tool For Burning Buildings

Cobra Cuffs

Windows Break Easily Right?
Think Again!

Now Try It With The ResQMe

The ResQMe Works Under Water

ALS Technologies Blast Strip Demo

ALS Technolo
gies OC Powder Barricade
Rocket #1216 BPOC Demo

Vest Shot With 32 9mm 124gr Rounds


Training FlashBang Blast

Training Flashbang With Smoke

Training Flashbang Description

Training Flashbang Is Resuable

The ARK Active Shooter Response Kit 

Tactical Medical Solutions
SOF Tactical Tourniquet

The Nova Electronic Stun Capture Shield

The Nova Electronic RACC Belt
(Remote Activated Custody & Control)

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