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We Are The Largest Authorized PepperBall Stocking Distributor In The United States And To Answer All Your PepperBall Related Questions
We Have On Staff Certified Master PepperBall Instructors & Armorers 

We Have The Lowest Prices On The Entire Line Of PepperBall Products And Our Prices Are Even Lower Than Factory Direct Prices. Guaranteed!

Need Your PepperBall Projectiles Tomorrow?

PepperBall Live Projectiles
PepperBall Live-X Projectiles
PepperBall Inert Training Projectiles
PepperBall Marking Projectiles
PepperBall Glass Break Projectiles
PepperBall VXR Live-X Fin Stabilized Projectiles
PepperBall VXR Inert Fin Stabilized Projectiles

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National Agency Sales Special

New PepperBall Customer Savings Bundle
Includes Two FTC PepperBall Launchers

Training For TWO Officers And Free Shipping
A Savings Of Over $1,800.00!

We Will Now Take ANY
Of Your Old Launchers In Trade
Working Or Not!
Trade In Your Old:
SA-200, SX, TX, Or TAC700 Launcher
And Receive The New PepperBall FTC Launcher

Introducing Our New
Trade Up Program

Introducing The New PepperBall FTC Launcher
One Launcher With Two Configurations
You Decide!

PepperBall FTC Launcher Video


Now In Stock With Same Day Shipping
The New PepperBall

TCP Pistol
For A Demo 
Call: 513-550-7425 

PepperBall TCP Features Video

Introducing The New PepperBall
TAC-SF Launcher
Available In Semi, 3 Round Burst Or Full Auto 
For A Demo 
Call: 513-550-7425 

Introducing The New PepperBall

VKS Launcher
For A Demo 
Call: 513-550-7425

PepperBall VKS Launcher Video

The New PepperBall
VKS Launcher
Show Below With Optional
LUCID Red Dot Optic & Vertical Foregrip

The New PepperBall
VKS Launcher
Fires All Current PepperBall Projectiles
 Using The Included Magazine Or Optional Electronic Hopper
Available In Black Or Yellow

The New PepperBall
VKS Launcher
Fires Magazine Fed Longer Range
Stabilized Projectiles

PepperBall Pistol
Range Demo

The PepperBall Flashlauncher/Lifelite


PepperBall Takedown


VXR Projectiles
Product Feature Video 

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