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Monthly Spotlight
ASP LockWrite Pen

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, is now manufacturing the innovative new LockWrite Pen.  This patented, fully functional writing instrument is combined with a heat treated, ASP quality, handcuff key.

The LockWrite Pen is the brainchild of Officer Travis Roemmele, a working police officer in Riverdale, NJ and an ASP Handcuff Instructor.

Roemmele’s innovative idea combines two commonly used tools of the public safety professional into one safe, convenient means to carry and access a handcuff key.

“ASP products come from the field based on feedback from the men and women on the street,” said ASP Chairman and CEO Kevin Parsons, PhD.  “The LockWrite Pen is the latest example of our close working relationship with law enforcement professionals.”

The handcuff key is ASP’s strongest.  It’s made with heat treated, polished and plated 4140 steel - the same alloy used in ASP’s most durable batons.

The unique design of the LockWrite Pen makes it easy to switch between the tactical and practical functions.  With just a click, police officers can slide the cartridge to write or retract the ink cartridge to use the handcuff key.

ASP provides two high viscosity, German ink cartridges with every purchase.  They are available in black, blue and red.

A lifetime supply of cartridges are supplied through the ASP "Lifetime Ink" program.  Public safety professionals can return a used cartridge along with $1 for postage and handling and ASP will send a replacement cartridge at no additional cost.

The body of the LockWrite Pen is black lacquer.  It is available with either 18K Gold or Silver accents.  

Finally A Dependable,

Easily Rechargeable Flashlight
That Works As Hard As You Do...

New Release: December 10, 2014
Pennsylvania State Police Select ASP Triad USB
As New Duty Issue Light
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Introducing The ASP Family Of Triad Duty Flashlights

triad-familyArmament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has introduced its entire family of Triad duty flashlights, the AA, USB, Polymer and CR – the brightest light of its kind producing a brilliant 350 lumens of light as measured against the ANSI FL-1 Standard.

All four Triad flashlights have set a new standard for high-intensity duty lights and serve as the cornerstone of ASP's entire light line.

Each flashlight incorporates several revolutionary, industry-leading key features, including the latest XPG2 LED, a 3-position quiet switch (intermittent, locking and constant-on) and a foamed, vinyl grip that is durable yet tacky and provides insulation from the heat these types of lights give off.

The Triad Family of lights offers users a variety of materials (6061 aerospace aluminum and polymer) and power sources (AA, CR123A and Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries) to choose from and all come with a zippered storage case and a variety of accessories. 

The Triad Family

AA – The Triad AA features the intensity of a world-class duty light (220 lumens) with the worldwide convenience of AA batteries. Lithium power cells provide increased cold weather performance, extended shelf life and high energy density. The newly introduced lithium AA batteries by Energizer that ASP sells run eight times (8X) longer than their alkaline counterparts - ideal for duty use. The Triad AA comes with two Lithium AA batteries, a battery link case and a zippered travel case.The run time of the Triad AA is approximately 2 ½ hours.

CR - The Triad CR stands out from its siblings in the Triad family as the brightest in the bunch. Fueled by two CR123A Lithium batteries, the Triad CR produces a stunning 350 lumens of light and runs continuously for approximately 90 minutes. The Triad CR comes with two CR123A batteries, a link battery case and a zippered travel case.

USB - Powered by an 18650-Lithium Ion battery, the Triad USB can be recharged on the go using a computer laptop or any micro USB cell phone charger. The Triad USB's revolutionary technology produces a brilliant 300 lumens of light with a continuous runtime of approximately three hours. 
 The Triad USB's battery has a protection circuit module to prevent overcharging or short –circuiting, and the battery indicator on the light blinks red when charging and turns solid green when fully charged. The Triad USB comes with a retractable cord, car charger, wall charger and a zippered travel case.

Polymer – The Polymer Triad is designed for users who want a lighter feel but the same durability and performance of ASP's other Triad lights. The Poly Triad comes in black, coyote, yellow and pink. It produces 275 lumens with a runtime of about 2 1/2 hours. 

The Turbo Flashlights


Intensity and run time are competing factors in the design of a hand held lighting device. Extreme intensity requires energy. The greater the intensity, the more significant the energy drain. The Turbo resolves this issue. It provides an intermittent or constant-on output of 720 lumens with a one hour run time as measured against the ANSI FL-1 Standard.

The Turbo is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum. It is Type III hardcoat anodized with a matte black finish. The foamed vinyl grip provides thermal insulation and a firm hold. The Turbo belt clip is replaceable. It may be positioned lens up or lens down. The rotary switch selector allows the activation button to be set for Intermittent · Locked · Constant.

All contacts and springs of the Turbo are gold plated for increased conductivity. The electronic circuitry drives a Cree XML2 U2 LED. The aluminum reflector of the Turbo is finished to produce a penetrating beam with no dark circles. Each Turbo is encased in a zippered ballistic carrier that may be used to store spare batteries or the removable pocket clip.

· 720 Lumens (ANSI Standard)
· 1 Hour Run Time
· Type III Hardcoat Anodizing
· Foamed Vinyl Grip
· Reversible Pocket Clip
· Intermittent · Locked · Constant Switch
· 6.75" Long
· Two CR123A & Link Case
· Zippered Travel Case


The charge port of the Turbo USB marries the light to an entire system of Lithium-Ion rechargeable lights and components. The 2010 micro USB protocol established a worldwide standard for cell phone chargers. All major manufacturers (BlackBerry, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung) agreed to use the Micro USB charge port on their phones.

The Turbo USB adds a micro USB charge port, internal charge circuit and Lithium-Ion power cell to the iconic Turbo design. Premium Turbo features remain. A foamed vinyl grip accents a matte black Type III hardcoat anodized aerospace aluminum body. The four cut switch rotates to an Intermittent · Locked · Constant position. The detachable belt clip may be positioned lens up or lens down. All connectors and springs are gold plated. An electronic circuit board drives a Cree XML2 U2 LED to 720 lumens as measured against the ANSI FL-1 Standard.

The bezel of the Turbo USB has a stainless steel accent ring. It protects the front edge of the light while venting heat. Loosening the head of the Turbo reveals the micro USB charge port. Attach the retractable charging cable to the supplied car charger, wall charger or to a computer USB port. Even a micro USB cell phone charger can be used to recharge the Turbo USB. The battery indicator of the Turbo blinks red when charging. It turns solid green when fully charged. The car charger and wall charger have a blue LED indicator to confirm that the power source is active. The chargers and cord are encased in a zipper ballistic carrier.

· 720 Lumens (ANSI Standard)
· 1.5 Hour Run Time
· Micro USB Charge Port
· Charge Indicator
· Type III Hardcoat Anodizing
· Foamed Vinyl Grip
· Reversible Pocket Clip
· Intermittent · Locked · Constant Switch
· 6.75" Long
· 18650 & Link Case
· Zippered Travel Case


ASP Unveils The New

Tactical USB Baton Light Cap

World's First Rechargeable Baton Light

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has unveiled its new Tactical USB.  It is the world's first rechargeable baton light and the shortest on the market, adding only 1.5" to the total length of a baton.Tactical USB 05

Powered by a custom Lithium Ion Battery, the Tactical USB's Cree XPG2 LED light produces a powerful 100 lumens of brilliant white light.  It has a continuous run time of 45 minutes as measured against the ANSI FL-1 Standard.

The Tactical USB can be charged on the go using a laptop computer and the supplied retractable USB cord or any micro USB cellphone charger.  Auxiliary car and wall chargers are available from ASP.

ASP Chairman and CEO Kevin Parsons, PhD, says the Tactical USB is a backup light that makes perfect sense.  "With the Tactical USB, you will always have a second extremely bright light easily accessible on your belt," Parsons said.

ASP's revolutionary design incorporates a Total Internal Reflective Optical Lens, which is ground from a solid piece of acrylic - much like the process of making eyeglasses.  This innovative technology allows ASP to design "a very small, extremely bright light that adds little length to a baton," Parsons added.

The battery of the Tactical USB has a protection circuit module to prevent overcharging or short-circuiting.  The battery indicator on the light blinks red when charging and turns solid green when fully charged.

The intermittent or constant switch activation system of the Tactical USB is positive, yet secure.  Press down for intermittent light or press down and forward for constant illumination.  This brilliant high intensity auxiliary light can be attached to any of the 3 million ASP Friction Loc Batons in operation worldwide.

The Tactical USB comes with a lifetime warranty and a retractable USB to micro USB cord.


The Complete Line Of ASP Baton Caps
All At Guaranteed Lowest Pricing 

ASP Baton Cap Monthly Spotlight
The ASP Breakaway Baton Cap

The gasket system around vehicle windows provides a protective cushion that prevents breakage. Trying to shatter a window to extract an occupant is extremely difficult. A baton or hammer will bounce off if not precisely placed. A push punch or spring breaker carries the hand into the broken glass. The three precision ground ceramic pins of the BreakAway will shatter window glass from any angle. It provides positive window breakage in any tactical environment.

· Low profile
· Adds less than .75" to the baton length
· Precision machined
· 6061 T6 aerospace aluminum
· Matte black hardcoat anodized
· Attaches to any existing ASP Baton
· Geodome radiused pin platform
· Three custom molded ceramic pins
· Positive pin contact from any angle
· Accepts existing ASP baton caps:

- Tactical (steel or aluminum)
- Logo
- Grip
- Leverage
- Tactical Triad LED
- Tactical Defender OC
- Provides protective pin coverage

Install the BreakAway between the ASP Baton handle and the baton cap. To use, remove the baton cap. Strike a vehicle side or back window from any tactically sound angle. The front window of a vehicle has an inner layer of laminated plastic. To break a front window, make a series of strikes in a circle. Then break out the circle.

The New Sapphire USB Wearable Flashlight


Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has unveiled several new colors and styles of its Sapphire USB as well as its new Micro Arm, a unique Sapphire USB accessory that helps illuminate a computer keyboard or reference notes.

Sapphire USB light line expands to 24

ASP is now designing and manufacturing 24 distinct models of the Sapphire USB, the first Micro USB rechargeable wearable LED light of its kind, giving consumers a wide range of vibrant colors and exclusive styles in which to choose. They include contemporary Armorized Glass, Black Eagle Diamond Cut, Camouflage, Tactical, genuine Italian Leather Brown Gator and a variety of distinctive colors such as pink, violet, gold and green.

“There is now a Sapphire USB light for virtually everyone’s unique tastes,” said ASP CEO and Chairman Kevin Parsons, PhD. At 20 lumens, with a metal clip, all metal frame and micro USB charge port, the Sapphire USB is the ideal backup light.

It’s significantly sturdier and brighter (10 times brighter) than its popular predecessor in the ASP Everyday Carry light category. A custom designed Lithium polymer battery powers the Sapphire USB, which will run uninterrupted for approximately 90 minutes and can be fully recharged using a Micro USB cell phone charger or the USB port of any computer.

The Sapphire USB battery indicator blinks red when it is charging and turns solid green when fully charged. Conveniently attaches to belts, backpacks and purses with a spring loaded metal clip, the Sapphire USB has an ambidextrous top mounted on off switch. The unique design of the switch allows users to push it down for intermittent light or press and slide it forward for a continuous beam. The two motions are designed so the light will not be turned on unintentionally.

Depending on the style, the Sapphire USB’s MSRP ranges from $30 to $35. A Micro USB connector is included.

micro-arm-laptop-smallMicro Arm Accessory

ASP’s new Micro Arm accessory is a USB to Micro USB positioning arm for use with a computer and the Sapphire USB. It allows users to light up their laptop keyboard or their reference notes. 

The Micro Arm is both extremely durable and flexible making it simple to move the Sapphire USB to several different positions while remaining firmly connected to the computer’s USB port.

“Whether you’re a police officer working the night shift in a squad car on the computer or a business traveler on a darkened plane with a laptop, you’ll never be left in the dark with the Micro Arm and a Sapphire USB,” Parsons said.

The Micro Arm can also be used to recharge any ASP USB light.

            ASP Introduces Stronger Disposable Restraints And Improved Auto Scarab

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has introduced its new Tri-Fold Restraints.  They are the toughest, sturdiest and easiest to carry and deploy disposable restraint in the world.trifold open

To complement the new Tri-Folds, ASP has also unveiled its new Auto Scarab.  It is designed to make removing disposable restraints from the subject quicker, easier and safer.


ASP's new Tri-Folds are unmatched when it comes to quality and performance. They provide public safety professionals with unprecedented durability and dependability when transporting or arresting large numbers of individuals that must be controlled.

In addition to pull strength, ASP has also dramatically enhanced the new Tri-Folds' sensitivity to moisture, said ASP Chairman and CEO Kevin Parsons, PhD.

56213 Tri-Fold Pull"The materials we use won't dry out quickly, significantly extending the shelf life of the disposable restraints," said Parsons.

The Tri-Folds fold in three positions resulting in compact, easily carried configurations.  ASP's new divided case with a rounded bottom and drain holes allow officers to carry two restraints independently.  The case can be snapped on either a belt loop or a Molle Vest.

Officers also have the option of ASP's new flexible Pulls or Rings.  Both tighten the Tri Fold's loops with a single pull and can be hung from an ASP Carabiner. 


Like its Tri-Fold Restraint, ASP has upgraded its industry leading restraint cutter.56225 Scarab Cutter 03

The new Auto Scarab's spring loaded design opens automatically when an officer releases the safety hinge.

This feature makes it simpler and faster to use, especially during high-pressure, critical incidents.

The new Auto Scarab cuts in both directions simultaneously.  It uses compound leverage and has a piercing blade tip to promote the safe removal of disposable restraints.  The blade is also recessed when the Auto Scarab is closed, eliminating the likelihood of injury to a subject or an officer.

The Auto Scarab snaps onto a key ring or attaches to a Carabiner.

Disposable Restraints And Improved Auto Scarab

Introducing The ASP Folding Handcuff Key

            The ASP Talon Air Baton

talon-disc-locDisc Loc, button release baton strengthens "Lighten the Load" Initiative

Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP), one of the most respected names in law enforcement products, has ramped up its "Lighten the Load" initiative, which is aimed at bettering the health and well being of police officers, with the Talon Air baton. 

The 50 cm Disc Loc, button or cap release Talon Air weighs approximately 11.2 ounces, nearly a half of a pound less than its steel counterpart. The lighter weight is meant to help reduce the risk of low back injuries while its innovative design and unique materials still ensure superior performance and protection on the street. 

"With the addition of the Talon Air to our Airweight product line, we're now offering law enforcement professionals more options to keep themselves safe and keep themselves healthy," ASP CEO and Chairman Kevin Parsons, PhD, said.


The new Talon Air incorporates the revolutionary steel/aluminum design that is found in all of ASP's Airweight batons. This custom combination results in a lightweight, durable and devastatingly effective impact weapon. The handle and middle of the baton are made with 7075 custom aluminum tubing – the same alloy used in an M4 rifle, and the striking surface is high carbon steel tubing.

Like the Talon Steel baton, the Talon Air's sophisticated yet simple design uses two opposing internal discs that secure each of the baton's shafts in place to ensure that lockout is stable and secure. It has a finger recess at the bottom of the foamed vinyl grip to improve an officer's grasp and maximize striking potential.

And the Talon Air has fewer than 20 moving parts, making it simple to maintain and service in the field.

Officers can open the Talon Air by sharply extending it toward the ground or the sky, and they can also open it by pulling the extended tip of the baton's shaft. This allows officers to expand the baton in tight spaces, such as a vehicle while working executive protection detail.

To retract the Talon Air, officers just push the release button at the butt-end of the baton's grip with their thumb and press the tip of the shaft against their other hand, their body or the bottom of the case in which they carry the Talon Air. 

"One really important feature of the Talon Air is that is can be closed simply by putting it back into its scabbard in one fluid motion," said Parsons. "Retraction couldn't be more convenient."

The Talon Air comes in 40 cm (8.8 ounces), 50 cm (11.2 ounces) and 60 cm (12.0 ounces) length models. The Talon Air can be carried in ASP's SideBreak Scabbard. The Talon Air comes with a lifetime warranty.


ASP's "Lighten the Load" initiative brings the best of automation, applied science and industrial mechanics to decrease the weight and improve the performance of the protective equipment that must be carried each day by police. 

The initiative includes impact weapons, restraints and lighting products. 

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