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The ALS Technologies Tactical Blast Strip

ALS Featured Products Of The Month

The LMT 37/38 mm & 40 mm Tactical Launchers

The LMT 37mm and 40mm LMTS is a single shot shoulder fired tactical launcher capable of firing a range of less lethal and high explosive munitions. The LMTS was designed with military, corrections and law enforcement professionals in mind. It can handle any mission from mobile field force operations to direct action. The LMTS is the highest quality, most versatile and lowest cost launcher ever offered. Lewis Machine and Tool is the largest supplier of launchers to the US Department of Defense and a name you can trust.

LMTS launchers (37mm and 40mm) solve many problems experienced from traditional launchers. Precision machined from 7075 aircraft aluminum to mil-spec guidelines create one of the lightest and most durable launchers ever produced. It features an integrated optics rail machined directly to its robust receiver, marrying line of sight to the cheek weld of its adjustable M4-style stock. The crisp break of the single and double action trigger and adjustable fore grip helps precisely deliver rounds, including Less Lethal and High Explosive to medium velocity. It’s one of the most versatile military and law enforcement launchers created, designed by LMT experts.

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The ALS 12-Gauge Bore Thunder


This low cost highly effective device produces a concussion wave similar to a diversionary grenade by using a flash with an extremely powerful concussion blast all from a 12-gauge shotgun muzzle.

on Target:
When fired,
the concussion and explosive blast is directional and produces between 175-182db.

ALS Bore Thunder
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The ALS Product Line

We Have The Lowest Prices On
 The Entire Line Of AVON Products.

AVON Gas Masks & Filters

What Our Clients Are Saying . . .

I am the Commander the Tipton County Sheriff's Office SWAT Team. We use ALS products exclusively. ALS is company of people that go the extra mile to provide the products and service that you need. We have never had a single issue with any ALS product or service. ALS is a first class company all the way.

—Sgt. Steven Browder, Tipton County Sheriff's Office
After using other brands for years and the switching to ALS, there just isn't any comparison. ALS products are the best, and their personnel have always been there to help us with anything that might come up in the line of duty, day or night.

—Sgt. Greg Donaldson, SRT Commander, Clarksville Police Department
The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department makes every effort to provide our officers with less-lethal options in those situations in which deadly force is not necessary, but a suspect must be immediately be brought under control. TAPD uses a variety of ALS products, ranging from Hydro-Kinetic, Pen-Prevent, and Rubber Rocket 12ga. rounds, to O/C and C/S pyrotechnic and expulsion driven grenades. Our SWAT teams currently use the re-loadable ALKS '09 diversion device and 37mm chemical and impact weapons. These devices have functioned well in training and are currently in use on the streets by our officers.

—SPO Chris Rankin, Texarkana PD Less-Lethal Weapons Instructor
Our Special Response Team has been using ALS products for several years and they have been proven reliable time after time. The ALS crew is continuing to expand their product line and improving upon what they already have to the point of perfection. ALS can match any operational requirements that a team or unit may have in their product Line.

—Sgt. Erik Sammis, SRT Commander, West Memphis PD
I am very impressed with the quality of ALS products, how well they work, and how effective they really are. I would recommend ALS products to anybody!

—Rob Leonard, Independence County SWAT Team

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